Are Men and Women Equal
in the United States?

“Why is this still even a question? Aren’t all people supposed to be equal in the U.S.?
Aren’t women people? What on earth is going on here?” – KAMALA LOPEZ, FOUNDER

The ERA Education Project was Created to Raise Public Awareness About the Need to Ratify the
Equal Rights Amendment

Comprising a majority of the population both in the United States and worldwide, women presently bear the brunt of economic injustice, violence, poverty and hunger. Studies show that improving the condition of women raises the standard of living for the community as a whole.

The Equal Rights Amendment which simply acknowledges what an overwhelming majority of the population believe — that men and women are equal under the law — must be ratified as the very basis and foundation of the movement to address women’s issues on a larger scale.

Ratifying the ERA puts the American woman’s sizeable accomplishments and her gains throughout the last century on a solid immovable foundation, impervious to the winds of political change.

Many young women today believe their rights are already protected. In fact, 75% to 90% of American women believe that the ERA already passed.

Recently, however, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia stated that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing equal protection under the law does not pertain to sex discrimination reaffirming the urgent necessity for the passage of the ERA.

Presently American women are standing on quicksand basking in the glow of perceived cultural and economic “successes” that in many cases are a mirage. While college educated Caucasian women in the corporate environment may see the battle as long won, they are mostly unaware of the drastic effect the gender pay gap has on their earnings over the course of their lifetimes.

Meanwhile black and brown women across the country are shouldering increasingly unmanageable economic responsibilities with median salaries well below those of their white counterparts (65 to 54 cents on the male dollar) and are dropping, with their children, below the poverty line.

We believe that Federal Equal Rights for women are our rights as citizens, taxpayers and the majority of this country.

And most Americans do too.

Research proves that this is a non-partisan issue: all Americans overwhelmingly support women’s equality.
We are accustomed to expect equality for all citizens. Once educated, keeping this injustice in place will be unacceptable to the American people.