Do men and women have equal rights in America under law?
More than 75% of us think we do.
96% of us think we should.

We don’t.

ERA EDUCATION PROJECT is a a multi-platform national media campaign to raise public awareness about and educate the public on the need for full federal equality for women
through the Equal Rights Amendment.

Join Kamala Lopez (Founder & Executive Director, ERA Education Project)
& Bettina Hager (Programs Director for the National Women’s Political Caucus)
for a webinar sponsored by emergeAmerica
on Wednesday May 30th at 3pm ET/ 2pm CT/Noon PST.

Learn more about how the project is utilizing the tools of modern media production and distribution to develop, produce and disseminate content using a cross-platform strategy.

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PSA’s/New Media/Social Media/Celebrity Viral Sketches/Documentary Film
Grassroots Outreach in College and High School Classrooms/ERA University Student work:
Videos, Blogs, Research, Curriculum

Now is the time to bring the ERA back into the public eye and educate women to demand full legal equality.

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We believe that Federal Equal Rights for women are our rights
as citizens, taxpayers and the majority of this country.

And most Americans do too.
Equal Means Equal. It’s Just That Simple.   

Emerge America, the host of this webinar, is the premier training program for Democratic women.

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