So excited- so grateful

I’m updating this Day One from the set of The Mentalist where I’m getting ready to shoot an exciting scene — I’m not allowed to tell you about it because I am a HUGE spoiler on the show… 🙂

What I can say is that I am SO grateful to the beautiful backers who have already stepped up including angel Gina who stepped up with a fifteen hundred dollar pledge! Thank YOU!

And to Paul Dektor- my first backer who has stood beside me for the past four years with support, friendship and help from his family’s top commercial production company- Dektor Film. Paul, Rene, Faith and Leslie have been there all along and I love and thank them profusely. The footage you see of me in the trailer was generously shot at Dektor Film by Paul.

And for backer number 2- my muse, my role model, my soul sister Zoe Nicholson who has given her life to social justice and women’s rights- fasting for over thirty days for ERA back in the day- still out there every day fighting the good fight, talking to kids and putting every ounce of her being on the line. I love you Zoe- thank you for educating and inspiring me.

Here are a couple of shots-me and Denise, the make-up artist, in the hair/Makeup trailer and me as the Wiman in Black…. Oooo– scary!


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