2 Responses to Kamala Lopez’s Speech at the Woman of the Year Awards

  1. Be still my heart, as she beats out of my chest. You are the daughter of my friend or I would steal you away. And OUR daughters have prayed you into existence. I am so very proud that I am your friend too.
    Yes, women are not part of the health actuarial – we are not counted. We must demand to be counted by #usethe19th ! We must hold our vote precious, as Alice Paul knew it was and is.

  2. Andrea Ureno says:

    Wow! You have my support Kamala! I thoroughly enjoyed how you used all the examples, especially the one with the seatbelts and rats…You have articulated so well what I have been trying to persuade people about the important work of the Commission and why the ERA is so important! Thank You!
    Andrea Ureno
    Director-An American Housewife

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